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Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

(6 Customer Reviews)
Sizzlin' Bacon flavor in a 1 1/4 size rolling paper
  1. Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
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    Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

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  2. Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Box of 24

    Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Box of 24

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Sizzlin' Bacon flavor in a 1 1/4 size rolling paper. Soy based ink and natural glue. Suitable for vegetarians (think tofu bacon rolling papers).

Due to a new FDA anti-tobacco publication Flavored Rolling Papers are NOT to be used with tobacco in the USA. They can ONLY be used with non-tobacco herbs and herbal smoking blends. 
Type: Hemp search for more Hemp rolling papers Leaves/Pack: 50
Size: 1 1/4 search for more 1 1/4 rolling papers Packs/Box: 24
Origin: Spain Glue: Natural

Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
2.7 6

Juicy Jay's Bacon 1 1/4 Rolling Papers Customer Reviews

3 5
(based on 6 reviews)
3 5

Only looks like bacon, no taste :(

2 5
No taste :(

I got these because I thought you would be able to taste while you smoke but nooooo. :/

5 5
Personally love

I've had many packs of these, I love the concept and they always make people laugh. Apparently they only make them for April 1st, so its hit or miss as to whether you'll get a fresh pack or not. Fresh out of the case its pure smoky bacon heaven, the older they get they more they lose the meaty flavor, but the smoke remains. I wish they were bacon print instead of abstract pigs though.

2 5
Glue=bacony smoke=/=bacony

I thought smoking would taste like bacon, no flavour change really and tasted a little bacon-y in the glue but that's it, maybe I'm just stupid to expect bacon smoking...

1 5
Tasted nothing like bacon

I've never been a fan of flavored anything, but I'm also of the opinion that bacon makes anything better. The glue tasted like salty glue, and the paper tasted like a hemp paper to me. It burned nice and evenly though.

3 5
Great novelty, but not quite a 'cigarette' flavor

Yea, I've got my assortment of Juicy Jays, but the Bacon flavor seems to be the one that's not all quite like the others. While a fruit or candy flavor does enhance your smoking experience, bacon... well... some things just don't go together. I have to give Juicy Jays credit for flavor though, this paper does in fact taste like bacon and a bit like beef jerky too. For all the Jews, Muslims, Vegans, and Vegetarians, JJ's bacon papers are also animal free! JJ's bacon papers burn at a medium rate just like the other papers in their product line but doesn't really have the flavor zing of papers such as Peaches n' Cream or Black and Jamaican Rum. The bacon flavor is a nice novelty to look at, but not as pleasant to the palate in a smoke. Oink, oink, ugh...

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What's up with the flavored papers?

Last September flavored papers were pulled from the market due to a newly enacted tobacco law regarding flavored cigarettes. The FDA applied the law a little more broadly than anticipated so sales were stopped while awaiting clarification. Clarification is in. Flavored papers are not for use with Tobacco.

From Juicy Jay's:
Juicy Jays papers were previously sold for both tobacco and legal smoking herb use*. However at this time we have ceased selling the item for tobacco usage until further notice. We have recently taken extraordinary steps to ensure that Juicy Jays papers are sold only for use with legal smoking herbs.

We hope to obtain a ruling that will allow flavored papers to once again be used with tobacco. However until and unless that ruling is issued we will continue to refrain from selling flavored rolling papers for use with tobacco and we will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that our flavored papers are not intended to be used or actually used with tobacco.