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Mendo Pipe

New brass pipe from the creator of the original Proto Pipe

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The new Mendo Pipe is brought to you by award-winning designer, Phil Jergenson. If that name sounds familiar it might be because he's also infamous for designing the Original Proto Pipe.

Each Mendo Pipe is hand made, off grid, with solar power in the backwoods of Mendocino County, California. With all American brass and brass components, the Mendo Pipe brings a sweeping new circular design, a trap free easy clean base.

Without a trap to get stuck and the easy open bottom, cleaning is now a breeze. What this means to long time Proto Pipe owners is no more bent pokers or ruined pipes if losing the tar trap cover. This alone is a huge improvement that you'll love!

This is the 2nd edition of the new Mendo Pipe with a brushed/matte finish to reduce the appearance of scratches. An additional retaining screw has also been added on the base that helps prevent the tar trap from opening in your pocket and also helps it sit more evenly on the table top.

New features like the Bowl Top Clip allow for clean, fun sharing of hand rolled joints. Just put a hand rolled in the circular slot and keep it dry as you pass it around.

Mendo Pipe Features
- Solid Brass Bowl
- Storage Pod
- Stir and Cleaning Poker
- Lock collar
- Bowl Top Clip
- Deep burn zone
- Mouthpiece
- Pipe Stem
- Tar Chamber
- Permanent Screen
- Tarburator Flip (easy clean!)
- Made in the USA!

About the Mendo Pipe
Phil Jergenson , who designed and produced the world famous Proto Pipe throughout the 60's,70's and 80's, later sold the company to his partner. While he was no longer cranking out pipes he never stopped improving upon his original proto pipe design. The patented Mendo Pipe not only eliminates many of the issues associated with the original proto design but adds new features, sources quality American materials and produces sustainably. If you liked your Proto Pipe then you will love the new Mendo Pipe.

Phil and his partner Bess created the Mendo Mountain Company in the majestic hills of Mendocino County California.

Our Take: We've been carrying the ProtoPipe since the 90's and literally have sold millions of dollars worth. Unfortunately supply has been limited for many years now. We also answer dozens of calls each week regarding lost tar traps and/or bent pokers. This new Mendo pipe addresses all that with a beautiful hand made American pipe from the original Proto designer. Nice bonus: Bess and Phil are good people putting heart into each and every pipe. Considering all the we recommend this new pipe to all former and current Proto Pipe owners.

Made in the USA (California)

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Review by Munch
  • 5.0
Brings back memories! Best pipe eva!
So when I was 21, a couple of decades ago, my favorite Uncle AL. Purchased the Protopipe for me on my birthday. It was the best gift ever. All in one neat package it contained a place for my travel stash, a sturdy implement from which I could enjoy my stash, and an easy way to clean my pipe. It lasted me many years until I started having kids and passed it on to a near and dear nephew. I wish I had kept it. So just recently, I decided that I wanted a new pipe, since my trusty stone one somehow up and disappeared, damn college kids. I was looking at the new models and came across the Mendo. I was so happy! It took me back to the crazy carefree days before kids and I noticed there had been some improvements. No more removable tar chamber, rounded edges, and a way to hold a hand rolled. I was happy to see that the original was the inspiration for the evolved Mendo Pipe. It is sturdy, easy to clean and even though it is metal never gets so hot that you can't handle it, or you are just doing it wrong. This is one of those pipes meant to be around and passed on to the next generation. I'm just glad they updated it.
Review by MICHAEL
  • 5.0
I have been a user of the Proto Pipe for twenty five plus years. I decided to order the Mendo Pipe and was not disappointed. The Mendo Pipe is just easier to clean. The Proto and Mendo pipes are best pipes that are out there on the market. Try one or the other. You will not be let down...
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
A real piece of art. Love it!
Beautifully designed and functional. A special pipe for special celebrations!
Review by D Mac
  • 4.0
Awesome Pipe
Great design and easy to clean. Great for a non social smoker and for a smoker on the go. Never owned a Proto but was referred to bry this from a Proto owner. Requires frequent cleaning tho.
Review by Thunder Star 65
  • 5.0
A classic improved
The Proto pipe is a classic and the Mendo pipe is soon to be. Love the new style tar trap. Makes clean a breeze.
Review by David
  • 5.0
The next classic pipe is here
I always have carried a protopipe with me and was excited to get the Mendo. A little bulky but it functions flawlessly. Enjoy
Review by Thomas
  • 5.0
A new Proto?
After having my Proto Pipe for almost 30 years and having gotten used to it, this was a nice change of pace. Will have it just as long, as it is well made.
Review by Robert
  • 5.0
Great pipe
The round bowl makes it a bit bulkier then the Proto Pipe. Other then that it is great. Same top quality you would expect and it works great. If you can't get your hands on an authentic Proto Pipe this is the next best thing.
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1-8 of 10 Reviews

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