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RYOT Piper Case Grey

by: RYOT

RYOT Piper Case Grey Zoom

RYOT Piper Case Grey

by: RYOT
Protect your glass and portable vapes w/Smell Safe

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New & Improved in stealthy Grey: the Piper case by RYOT! This versatile case features a spacious memory foam enclosure for safe storage of your favorite glass piece or portable vaporizer. Tucked into this pocket is a Velcro divider that allows a division of space for two separate chambers. Both this pocket as well as the adjacent hi-tech freshness pouch feature moisture seal zippers and a SmellSafe enclosure to help keep unwanted odors from escaping.

Finishing off this high tech bag is a magnetically closed flap that houses the new NoGoo Silicone tray. When opened, this flap creates a non-stick silicone working surface ensuring no mess is left behind. Easy to clean and makes a great rolling surface too.

SmellSafe odor protection for both interior pockets

NoGoo Silicone Tray integrated into the flap

Velcro divider to maximize storage versatility

Large, gusseted hi-tech foil lined freshness pouch

The RYOT Pipe Case measures 8 x 3 x 3 inches and protects and stores glass rigs and hand pieces with ease for transport. Also great for portable vaporizers like the Crafty, Mighty, Solo, Air, and of course the Magic Flight Launch Boxes. Available in multiple colors.

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