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Snodgrass Glass Top Hat

Bob Snodgrass Skull One Hitter Zoom

Snodgrass Glass Top Hat

Handblown glass one hitter from Bob Snodgrass

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Handblown glass Snodgrass Top Hat one hitter. Own a small piece of glass blowing history from the family who created the glass pipe movement. Silver fumed for great color changing. Limited Availability.

Runs about 2" high x 5/8" width. 1/2" bowl for some nice one hits.

Handblown in the USA (Oregon)

Clip starring Bob Snodgrass from
"Degenerate Art | The Art & Culture of Glass Pipes"

Snodgrass Glass

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Review by Plu toes
  • 5.0
Snodgrass where it all started
This Skull Top Hat is such a great piece. Don't let the small size fool you because it hits like a tank. The work on it is awesome and looks great colored. The Snodgrass family did a fantastic job blowing these pieces and thanks for 1% for offering a piece of history for a affordable price.
Review by Calvin Broadus Jr.
  • 5.0
And good day to you also
Charming in its minimalistic miniature stature, but it tokes like one of those guys with a rope in his mouth and tied to his man giblets pulling a tommy cruise ship. Sturdy, solid, sleek, slamming, not salmon, ran out of s words hold on, superb, statuesque, surely not a shenanigan to snag this super sweet skull snodgrass. Salutations to the staff > frosted flakes!!
Review by Trevor
  • 5.0
Really nice!
Hits like a dumptruck. Thank Bob for your snoody!
Review by Mick
  • 5.0
Get another
Great little oner by " the family". Hits like a champ.
Review by Fastwalker
  • 5.0
Own a piece from the master for under $50
Owning a pipe made by Bob should be every headies dream. Owning one for under $45.00 is a gift from above. Thank you 1% for not taking advantage of your customers unlike other shops that sell for over twice this...
Review by Justice
  • 5.0
Thank you for letting be able to own a piece from the legend.
Review by Tim
  • 5.0
Mighty Mouse topper
This cool pipe may be tiny, but it hits like a bull
Neat Skull art a little different from what's depicted but no biggie on that as they're individual works of really neat art. .
Review by michael
  • 5.0
Too cool
As soon as my friend saw the tophat i knew i was destined to buy another... everyone that tries it wants one. great size and great hits!
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1-8 of 14 Reviews

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