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Straight Glass Cigarette Bat

Straight Glass Cigarette Bat Zoom

Straight Glass Cigarette Bat

3 inch silver-fumed glass bat for Dugouts

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Silver fumed with small color accents, these straight blown bats are great for smokers on the go. Runs about 3 inches long and fits in all of our Twist Top Dugouts.

Indicate any color preferences on the order form. Handblown in the USA.

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Review by Scott
  • 5.0
Glass bat
great quality product
Review by Nobody
  • 5.0
Has not broken yet
I bought this about 3 years or more ago, and have dropped it on cement several times, not even a crack. Easy clean with a wired pipe cleaner and some acetone. Did not quite fit my large dugout, just a little too long.Handy little item to keep on the tray for a quick one.
Review by JackB
  • 4.0
Nice, fits the ryot box, and you can make it good as new w/ a q-tip and some de-greaser. Because it's delicate, it gets only 4 stars.
Review by Bubbles
  • 5.0
So smooth and clean. True taste and easy to clean. A bit delicate, but so worth it!!
Review by Looch
  • 4.0
Works well but too thin for the wire pokers - the glass end pops off when cleaning - I switched to a paper clip which works much better!.
Review by Marcel
  • 4.0
Works well
When I got my glass bat, it got stuck in the dugout because the lid was a different tollerance, I pulled it out in haste, cracking it and it ended up about 1/3in shorter. I rubbed it on the back of an old sample peice of stone countertop into a cone shape, and i melted it with a torch. Now it rolls really good, and you can tell which end is which in the dark because of the slight bumpiness left after modifying it. Pretty cool dude!
Review by JD
  • 5.0
Great product
I've recently purchased 2 glass bats for a smoother taste than the aluminum bats. What a difference in taste , the bats are made very well and easy to use and clean. Great Product ! I also like to mention the customer service is outstanding on resolving any issues . The packing of the product is awesome , order from this site you WILL be glad you did.
Review by Patricia
  • 5.0
Great glass bat
Provides a good one hit. Love the glass, but they will break if you drop them.
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1-8 of 31 Reviews

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